Why does FISH Philosophy Work?                                                                                          

22 Mar 2018

Article credits to Johnston Park McAndrew

Over the last few weeks, we have been posting about an attitude that we adhere to in our business. Known as the FISH Philosophy, this is an individual process that collectively, will give a great deal of power to the growth and success of the business.

Pikes Place, a fish market in Seattle, is known for its fun style of business. During the course of their business, they throw fish around.

They have a sign that says, “Caution: Low Flying Fish.” Any business that has a sign about low flying product must be having fun. The employees love working there because they are engaged. They allow people to have fun and hire people according to their attitude. They make sure that their employees are excited about creating a great experience.

People from all over the world visit this historic place to buy fish and watch the show. So it also attracts customers who are looking to buy quality fish and have a fun experience.  Read More

“An employee who is engaged in his/her work isn’t concerned about anything, but the job at hand. They are there to do good work. The more we can get lost in the work the more fun it is.”